Batoul Kharbutli
Administrative Assistant
Batoul Kharbutli
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Meet Batoul, a kind-hearted soul with an unparalleled attention to detail. Her caring nature extends to our clients, team members, and her beloved family, as well as anyone fortunate enough to cross her path. Patience is her virtue, making her an invaluable part of our team as she listens attentively and approaches tasks with meticulous planning.

Batoul's work ethic is second to none, always striving to do things in the best possible manner. Her strategic prowess ensures that the decisions she makes benefit the team in the long run. A quick learner, she adapts swiftly to new challenges and environments, contributing positively to our dynamic work environment.

Beyond her professional prowess, Batoul is a culinary wizard, with a talent for creating mouthwatering dishes. Her multifaceted skills and compassionate nature make her an indispensable asset, embodying the qualities of a true team player.