So you’re thinking of selling your Waterloo Region home. Is now the best time? What are comparable properties going for ? How long will it take? Should you price high and plan on negotiating to get the most money? Should you list at a lower price to spur a bidding war? Are there staging tips that can boost the perceived value of your home? How can you find qualified buyers? Is your home worth what you think it is?

Selling a home can be overwhelming and even a bit scary, especially when the market is volatile. Whether you are a seasoned home seller who’s been jaded by a previous transaction or you’re a first-time seller, looking to downsize or upgrade to your dream home, you need allies you can trust. You need experts who understand the intricacies of the sales process, who know the Waterloo region better than anyone, and who, most importantly, are committed to being on your side.

Aron and Angelica Pinto are a husband and wife real estate team who live, work, and play in the Waterloo area. They love the community, genuinely care about their clients, and are local market experts. Team Pinto is adamantly committed to honesty and transparency in every real estate transaction. Their warm approach and mastery of the Waterloo region have earned them respect from their peers and loyalty from their clients.

Aron has a background in technology, corporate sales and construction, assets that are hugely valuable when evaluating comparable listings and developing a sales strategy. Angelica is a master of communication with an invaluable background in marketing—skills you want when advertising your home and negotiating to maximize your profits. When you enlist the services of either Angelica or Aron, you can rest assured that the combined excellence of Team Pinto is on your side.  Here are just a few of the perks of listing with Team Pinto:
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